Good day to you. I am Nam Gyeong-pil, Gyeonggi-do governor.

I warmly welcome your visit to the homepage with interest in B.I.G. Forum 2017」which is to share innovation and future vision in the era of 4th industrial revolution.

4th industrial revolution is now a global trend. With the advent of 4th industrial revolution era artificial intellect(AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data etc., all of these new technologies will bring about innovative changes to our community and economy.

However, , in historical retrospect such technological revolution always accompanied threat factors and opportunity factors. The purpose of technological development is ultimately human and society, and this is also why we need discuss human and society beyond technology.

This year B.I.G. Forum, Bigdata Initiative of Gyeonggi pays attention to the changes and challenges 4th industrial revolution will cause to humans and society. This forum to be held with the topic of ‘4th industrial revolution and evolution of GLOCAL’ will present visions of rebuilding 4th industrial revolution era by converging global trend of 4th industrial revolution and future strategies of Gyeonggi-do.

Especially, this year not only the sophisticated lectures by the world’s greatest scholars but also the program ‘Future talk concert about 4th industrial revolution’ where we can hear opinions of residents in the province is ready. Moreover, you can experience the present and future of 4th industrial revolution era through various events accompanied such as coding, Lego robot, and VR.

Gyeonggi-do is preparing for 4th industrial revolution era going ahead with one step. Gyeonggi-do will from now on, through building innovation cluster for technological conversion solution , coalition for shared politics, shared market economy for new alternative to capitalism, lead 4th industrial revolution era. I extend my thanks to you who encourage with extraordinary attention and affection for the development of Gyeonggi-do, and wish your family health and happiness FT178}.

Thank you.